School of English

Kids Create School of English offers a vibrant and engaging environment where children learn English through play and dynamic activities. Our approach focuses on making the language acquisition process enjoyable and interactive. Through a combination of games and hands-on activities, children not only develop language skills but also cultivate a love for learning in a fun and stimulating setting.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Is a program for children aged 3 to 12, divided into levels from Early Beginners to Level F. Our program is based on the Common Core State Standards, and classes cover grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. We use a variety of resources with playful activities and focus on literary genres each month, promoting reading and conversation.

Early beginners

(3 años)


(4 años)

Early advanced

(5 años)


(6 años)

Level A

(7 años)

Level B

(8 años)

Level C

(9 años)

Level D

(10 años)

Level E

(11 años)

Level F

(12 años)


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